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MBA Projects and a little more!

A lot of prospective students have inquired about MBA Projects (business area, industry, duration etc). And truly so, the topic deserves a post of its own. Each stakeholder involved (students, corporates, MBA Career Services) have different perspectives of MBA Project. Students consider this as an opportunity to put theory learned into practice and gain some real hands-on experience in the industry of choice. Career Services wants students to have a feel of new environment or function. And corporates see it as a courtship period between an employee and prospective employer. St. Gallen MBA gives an option to write a thesis or do a company Project. This year’s project statistics are available on MBA site [MBA Project]. Some of these are paid projects and MBAs are always on lookout for those extra green bills. After all, barring oxygen, all the things that make people happy do cost something (Materialistic world I tell you!).

My MBA project is with a start-up [Project Firefly] and one of the questions I face is ‘how it is to do a project for a start-up?’ to which I always reply – It’s close to Awesome! Although you won’t get hefty internship pay-checks, you don’t have all the resources you need, you don’t have a great office space with a revolving chair and there is a lack of certainty. But that is what it makes close to Awesome – You get to make a direct contribution and you will get as close as one can to view the madness of running a business.

Just came back from a short vacation in Barcelona (we MBAs know how to suck pleasure from life). And I think my fellow bloggers are also back on blogging scene. Platonic hugs and kisses to them. Well its work and caffeine time again. Bring it on…

PS: The piece written is supported by ‘Fragrance of Dark Coffee’ in the background [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xixTiB6tJTM&feature=related]