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Rankings Jungle & Careers

FT has released the rankings for Masters in Management. University of St. Gallen (HSG) MIS program has been ranked # 1.


And so I think, how many students will make decisions based on these ranking and how much due diligence is required for selection of a good program. Also, when the university institutes are shared among MIS and MBA programs, how does the reputation of 1 program impact the other. A lot is going on to bring MBA program up there. Hope to see the results shortly.

Career Services Team has asked us to complete Visions & Values. From post-MBA job perspective, have leveraged the following graph to position myself:

The tests for International Management and Finance-I are approaching. The thought in the mind (seems like it is stuck from past sessions of web-surfing):

“If You Can’t Create Your Own Answers In The Examination
Management Is Not Meant For You.”