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Why St. Gallen MBA? Find your fit!

‘Saint what?’ was the question to which I replied St. Gallen. Why on the earth will you go for this one after 720 GMAT and a decade of experience. And this made me realize how much we let our life take its course based on others’ perception rather than finding your own fit.

My suggestion to anyone embarking upon the MBA journey is to spend time in identifying the right school for you. Believe me, this is one of the most difficult tasks. Answer the following questions without looking at B School rankings:

1. 1-yr or 2-yr MBA for me?

2. What do you want to achieve from MBA and B school? I am not denying the importance of an MBA. I am of the opinion that an MBA is worth it; for that matter getting any kind of education is totally worth. What you need to ask is how an MBA fits as a bridge between your past experiences and future goals.

3. In which region you want to work after your studies? This is one of the most crucial questions to answer.

4. Does the B school of your interest generate the equal interest in recruiters? Does your target company(s) recruit on campus or allow preferential interviews?

5. Does the B school offer the electives you want to pursue (and quality teachers for them)?

6. What is the amount you will OK to spend for your studies? Business education is costly and its always helpful to have any eye on finances from day 1. Check out whether you will be able to sustain throughout the studies without earning. Also checkout whether the school has loan program (without co-signer requirement) that is offered to students of your citizenship.

Once you have answered the questions honestly, look-up the schools from ranking charts (‘Poets and Quants’ is my favorite for US, FT for outside US) and you will realize that you will have the list of B schools where you really want to study. I am ready to help anyone in answering these questions. Lemme know!