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Take out your tap dancing shoes…

Probably you have never met me. Well! If not, you should 🙂

One of the mantras being passed on to current, recent, ancient and balding MBAs is ‘To Network’. Meet people FULL STOP

As an MBA student, HSG MBA program will give you all the training required and the opportunities to put the theory into use. Keeping the culture alive, I will pass on the statement to any one asking me for ‘MBA survival tips’ (of course other than going to Rockstory). We won’t delve into the details as you will get a lot many stories around it on different MBA blogs and other websites.

The point to ponder is that you can manage your network as strategically as you manage your career. I am of the opinion that rather than meeting as many people, one should focus on more substantial relationships. Value more face-to-face interaction; get out of the virtual world. If you want to save your shoes from being worn down in recruiting circus, then it’s time that you start building this skill. If need maybe, you can map the extent of network through the 2 x 2 matrix of Interaction vs Communication (Though, I admit failing quite some times in honing networking skills).

Our capstone event (I still can’t figure out the relevance of the term with the actual activity) will start from 5th Aug. For one last time, the 1 week course will focus on tech transformation based on integrated model dealing with strategy, innovation and technology. Once again, looking forward to meet all the guys in the same classroom and gearing up for fast paced learning as if drinking with the hose!

Meanwhile people, take out your tap dancing shoes from the closet, meet people and find someone to dance with.





You Inc.

It took a little more than a month to make me appreciate (& love) the sounds of deadlines passing by. I must say it literally has been an accelerated journey; one can’t afford to miss anything in between. So we are now done with Core 1 and I can say with 95% confidence level that it is gonna be tough from here. But I think everyone in my class is geared up for it!

Since the last post, we have been through many company presentations (Swiss Re, Dow Chem …) , guest lectures (Google, IBM …) and workshops (Networking, Multicultural business environment). One of the events was networking event which covered ‘How to make effective networks’ and ‘Personal Branding’. And for future leaders and managers, it is important to stand out. I read about it first in 1997 article from Tom Peters – The Brand Called You ( http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/10/brandyou.html). For me personal brand is nothing but consciously taking care of your reputation and taking control of how others perceive you. Its all about establishing your professional identity and is essential towards carving out your own unique niche in a crowded marketplace. Begin with 3 small steps:

1. Identify the qualities and characteristics that distinguish you from others.

2. Matchmaking of existing qualities with the target qualities.

3. Make yourself visible.

As we enter into Core 2, I am looking forward to the courses in identifying business opportunities (strategy) and understanding the business environment. And in between written assignments, I am again preparing myself for the harassment by the next Finance exam.

PS. Today’s dilbert in my mailbox!

The first fortnight into my MBA

So the first fortnight is over. HSG-MBA started with an orientation program. School took us to the city tour, helped us in registering at Canton office and with the basic stuff (housing, insurances, storage etc). HSG MBA building is separated from the main university campus by a few flight of stairs. So the university is uphill and the MBA building is commonly known as down-hill. We had a tour of uphill campus, got our photos done for CV book. The class was also taken for a full day outdoor team building exercise on the Swiss mountains. Was kind of good!

And then was the real start. Core-I started with International Management, Marketing & Communications, Statistics and Finance. Professors are knowledgeable and energetic. Career services team has also sprung into action. Had a LIFO session and CV writing workshop. International Management professor brought along-with him the first guest speaker – Global HR head for a leading Mining & Chemicals company. So all in all a good beginning.

At T-2

At T-2, the heart starts pounding fast! Less than a fortnight left before I start my MBA at St. Gallen (HSG MBA), Switzerland. Most of the things have been taken care-of. Only things going on now are jogging, pre-reading (Accounting, Khans Academy)  and dreams!  

I have finalized the apartment over the phone itself. Looks good so far.

So my new home for next 1 year – University and Library buildings.

And the night shelter for next 1 year – my apartment. 

Ain’t the view fantastic? And there is a small bar as well in the apartment (just to discuss the cases and late night assignments).

Hopefully night outs will not be an issue any more and there won’t be any excuse for not performing 🙂  So wish me luck people. The next post will be directly from MBA building in St. Gallen. Till then, Tschüss!

PS: On Lappy (ZNMD)
Der lagi lekin, 
Maine ab hai Jeena seekh liya
Jaise bhi ho din, 
Maine ab hai Jeena seekh liya

Why St. Gallen MBA? Find your fit!

‘Saint what?’ was the question to which I replied St. Gallen. Why on the earth will you go for this one after 720 GMAT and a decade of experience. And this made me realize how much we let our life take its course based on others’ perception rather than finding your own fit.

My suggestion to anyone embarking upon the MBA journey is to spend time in identifying the right school for you. Believe me, this is one of the most difficult tasks. Answer the following questions without looking at B School rankings:

1. 1-yr or 2-yr MBA for me?

2. What do you want to achieve from MBA and B school? I am not denying the importance of an MBA. I am of the opinion that an MBA is worth it; for that matter getting any kind of education is totally worth. What you need to ask is how an MBA fits as a bridge between your past experiences and future goals.

3. In which region you want to work after your studies? This is one of the most crucial questions to answer.

4. Does the B school of your interest generate the equal interest in recruiters? Does your target company(s) recruit on campus or allow preferential interviews?

5. Does the B school offer the electives you want to pursue (and quality teachers for them)?

6. What is the amount you will OK to spend for your studies? Business education is costly and its always helpful to have any eye on finances from day 1. Check out whether you will be able to sustain throughout the studies without earning. Also checkout whether the school has loan program (without co-signer requirement) that is offered to students of your citizenship.

Once you have answered the questions honestly, look-up the schools from ranking charts (‘Poets and Quants’ is my favorite for US, FT for outside US) and you will realize that you will have the list of B schools where you really want to study. I am ready to help anyone in answering these questions. Lemme know!


Hello World!

Hello Readers!

To begin with, today I narrowly missed getting into 2 B schools of my choice. It really hurts when you get dings after all the interviews. As I prepare to move on, I thought of sharing my journey with everyone else. There might be thoughts that you might want to leverage in your tale as well.

So after the debacle at both the schools (and choosing between other 3 schools), I will start my MBA journey at University of St. Gallen (HSG MBA) this September. I have got the admit, deposit the initial amount and am looking forward to the experience.

Just to tell you about me, am a stereotypical male from India with some experience in IT industry (a decade in-fact). Cleared my GMAT earlier this year, scored 94 percentile and embarked on the voyage. Apart from this monotonous side, I have interesting side as well. In my professional sphere, I have worked in various aspects of IT with different interesting and capable people. I have also setup my own portal which aimed at consolidation of retail (mom-n-pop stores). Other than that I have done 6 Flags roller coasters in US, have made soba noodles from very beginning in a village 100 miles off Tokyo, have trekked at Mt. Fuji and have enjoyed coffee and day dreaming alongside the canals of Amsterdam.

This blog will be an informative to the totally new world I am about to set in. Even if a single person is benefited from my experiences, I would consider the blog has done its purpose.