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Incremental innovations in Google Products

I was just wondering, some of the smaller innovations Google can do (a few of them might be coming out of beta):


  • Provide the option to create templates and Mail Merge
  • Threads – Option to remove them.
  • While replying, subject field should be made visible by default.
  • Forward – allowed from individual email. Should be given at top-level so that multiple msgs can be selected and forwarded.
  • Mimic folder structure from drive (currently functionality provided via labels) AND let people create rule to move messages to those folders rather than automated tabs.
  • Out of Office to people other than contacts / groups.
  • Option to select who can see me online in the embedded chat in Gmail.


  • Windows App for Google Search.
  • Extend it to the internet of things. I tag my things and enter those in alerts. Search for those tags (location).


  • Credit to original content sources.
  • Notification about bad links.
  • Checklists or help for new businesses that are just starting out.
  • Periodic reports with advice on improving areas like mobile or page speed.


  • Speech keyword recognition from hangouts and then showing targeted ads.


  • Extend Energy sense to provide power usage dashboard for each device.
  • Allow users to type through desktop / laptop keyboards into Android screens