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Got cheated online?


Internet, on the one hand offers a vast market for businesses and on the other, also attracts the crooks who recognize the potential / attractiveness of online fraud.

Online frauds can take place in multiple forms – Email Spams, Click frauds, Search hijacking, Identity theft, phishing etc. Company like Google must be spending millions in fighting these frauds. If we talk about Google, various frauds that can take place in their product portfolio could be:

• Content not as per the guidelines
• Fake accounts
• Fake hangout invites
• Emails to followers

Adwords & Adsense
• Content not as per the guidelines
• Click frauds (Bot Clicks, Click farms)

• Wrong SEO techniques
• Search result hijacking

• Spamming

Google Wallet
• Data Security of a lost phone
• Phone Rooting

Google Maps
• Listing Spam (Locksmiths listings)
• False reviews

Companies employ various techniques in fighting online fraud. Over the next few blogs I’ll cover each of the aforementioned frauds in more detail and how / what companies are doing to fight them.