My Idea Book

Adding this post to consolidate the opportunities for innovation. I intend to keep this entry active for ever and others are welcome to participate in increasing the list.

APR 2014

Personal CRM app: Help you manage your contacts intelligently and generate insights.

Shoppers Wallet app: Allow users to share the shopping items along with traces to the store and better offers.

Mail Merge in Gmail: Allow mail merge option for gmail contacts.

External keyboard entry for Mobile Apps: In case you are on your laptop, mobile apps should be accessible for keyboard entry. I amy not prefer to go back to whatsapp for replying the messages.

Speech recognition from hangouts and targeted ads the next time user logins to the G+.


MAY 2014

Market Place for Skill: Something like skill swap. In between Quikr and Craigslist. Shift to market place (or mandi) model.

Cross Sell:  Tie up with complementary product companies. If a person has bought microwave, send a voucher for microwave-safe bowls or eating items.

Intelligent CRM: Price & Discounts based on how frequent customer is on the online store.

Social Commerce: Introduce social commerce (via Facebook)

Collective buying through eSales Shop (Collaborative consumption): For remote places, setup franchises with online access and collective buying patterns.

Last Mile Delivery: Open a warehouse and become a shared service provider for all eCommerce Players for last mile delivery. Alternatively, tie up with Petrol Pumps from where customers can pick up at per their convenient times.


JULY 2014

Reverse Auctions: Introduce Reverse auction for services.

Smart Move: Help you organise the moving with tags on boxes and inventory list, GPS etc

Collaborative consumption for insurance: Collaborate for group buying of insurance (like companies do for their employees). Negotiate with insurers on group quotes.



SpaTaxi: Taxi with a Spa – If you are tired after a long flight or shopping, relax on your way back to home in our SpaTaxi.

Swap Toys: Option for parents to donate toys or swap for something else.




OmniChannel for Retail: Why should I be able to add items to the shopping cart from the online portal only? Make it accessible through all channels – online, social media, partner portals, ads.


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