2 years that were served shaken, not stirred!

Disclaimer: This is gonna be a heavy duty stuff. Parental guidance is advised. In case you are driving or using heavy machinery, please stop and park yourself in a comfortable place.

Only 4 weeks separate us from achieving the alumni status. It’s the perfect time to take stock of the present situation, recent historical trends and future options. The journey that started with the GMAT preparation around 2 years back has come to an end. I have learned and evolved (even though the real new innovation by me was a new cocktail recipe). There have been peaks and troughs. But I think that will happen every time when you want to achieve more in a very short duration. So in case anyone would ask me to provide any tips about this journey, I will have following 3 on the top.

Introspect & Reflect. Identify what you are good at and what you want to do. If there are gaps in these two, identify how to fill those. In case you want to become a ninja, and you are only good at staring at walls, then definitely there is a need for introspection.

Keep it simple. For some MBA will give an opportunity to do things they’ve already thought of. The others will go into ‘zombie’ mode and become the victim of ‘paralysis by analysis’ of their decisions. Often opportunities will come your way; you’ve to identify where your focus should be. In the following 2 flow charts, identify in which one you want to be 🙂

Have Fun in the process. There will be times when you will be pushed to your limits. Motivations will be questioned. Your learning curve will look like a VIX index – too frequent high-rises and panics. Your conventional ideas and thoughts will be shaken. But do enjoy the process. Time flies when you’re having fun. As put in one of the HBR articles –‘Don’t become an overloaded circuit!’

 “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon





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