To the CO 2012…

You know you are about to graduate from an MBA program when,

  1. You now see problems as opportunities.
  2. You put every person you meet in 1 of the 4 LIFO quadrants – Supporting-Giving, Controlling-Taking, Conserving-Holding, Adapting-Dealing
  3. You start drawing your family tree as an organizational chart
  4. You think you need to be careful when with economists as they have got invisible hands
  5. You now think of 6 sources of profit
  6. You start writing executive summaries for every document you produce. Even resignation and love letters!
  7. You can understand Martin Wolf in Financial Times and know that Warren Buffet doesn’t like Black Scholes for option valuation
  8. Whenever you visit retail store, you try to answer the question – “To which customer segment I belong?”
  9. You give that smirk when you see why yogurt is placed in the left shelves and bigger units are towards the right of smaller ones
  10. You vocabulary includes terms like – Synergy, Helicopter view, Buttoned-Up, Elevator test, Fact pack, Run the numbers, Leverage, Low-hanging fruit, MECE, Paradigms, Opportunity cost, SWAG and Harmony
  11. You are tempted to stretch your hands and draw a 2 x 2 in every discussion – even while ordering food at a restaurant (Healthy calories vs Cost per calorie)
  12. For you ERP now means Equity Risk Premium (not Enterprise Resource Planning System anymore) and ABS is Asset Backed Securities (not Anti Braking Systems)
  13. You come up with many sunk costs and your pre-MBA life is one of them
  14. You know what does it mean when your peers say ‘Slay the Dragon, Win the princess’

And last but not the least, you know MBA is not the magic band. The real gains will be when you apply these things in your professional life. And my interactions with you ensure that you are about to graduate.


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