Fooled by Randomness…

Not really! I have not read that book. If you really want to read those 300 pages to understand that life is a function of random events, go ahead.

We have been given a gift by MBA office today – the gift of Sunday being off (this is the end of Core Block II) and so I have some time to reflect on the randomness in MBA’s life so far. On one hand, it feels good to live in a valley with a high quality of life and in proximity to a financial hub; On the other, in close proximity of highly intelligent professors and dynamic students ensures that you are always working out your grey cells without caring much about the place. A small class but with 20+ nationalities is a huge boon. Never thought of having so many encounters in such a short span.

While developing the Business Model Canvas, I was lost at sea when my blue ocean turned red. I almost drowned had it not been for my Spanish roomie, who saved my life by throwing the very innovative thought of selling nail-paints in Africa (He understands market forces better than I do). The epitome of grace came when a UK based Indian consultant threw his idea to exploit institutional voids in Libya to make his world a better place.

During ManCom classes, I came to know that the other Indian has a small entrepreneur inside him. His grand plan is to leverage Child Labor to earn himself free jet miles and a shack in Kerala! But since the course was on communications, he stopped short of telling us the expected top and bottom line. And the presentation from Canadian on music industry (ok, those were only rock bands!) has forced me to work even in the washrooms on filling my pregnancy pauses.

I also realized that though we MBAs are full of ideas, we often are on lookout for the source of inspiration. While discussing the case with my neighbor in the class, I am sure that I overheard professor whispering that for water companies, the profits start to erode if their source is situated more than 100 km from the plant. University pub owner must have understood this strategy very well. That’s why he has ensured that MBA students are close to the source of their inspiration (beer). No wonder I very often see ideas being humbly offered & dissected and brains being blown off with new insights.

Without any doubt, we have been challenged, made to stretch our limits, expand our comfort zones and being forced to think of the complete picture. As days are going by, I am understanding the concept of ‘drinking by hose’. Every person has a story to tell and every story has a learning. Everyday cracks so many stories that I only hope I will be able to remember most of them. So as I continue in this MBA journey, I think I need to go with the flow – After all this is the experience I paid for!


PS: Going to watch ‘Margin Call’ tonight!



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