You Inc.

It took a little more than a month to make me appreciate (& love) the sounds of deadlines passing by. I must say it literally has been an accelerated journey; one can’t afford to miss anything in between. So we are now done with Core 1 and I can say with 95% confidence level that it is gonna be tough from here. But I think everyone in my class is geared up for it!

Since the last post, we have been through many company presentations (Swiss Re, Dow Chem …) , guest lectures (Google, IBM …) and workshops (Networking, Multicultural business environment). One of the events was networking event which covered ‘How to make effective networks’ and ‘Personal Branding’. And for future leaders and managers, it is important to stand out. I read about it first in 1997 article from Tom Peters – The Brand Called You ( For me personal brand is nothing but consciously taking care of your reputation and taking control of how others perceive you. Its all about establishing your professional identity and is essential towards carving out your own unique niche in a crowded marketplace. Begin with 3 small steps:

1. Identify the qualities and characteristics that distinguish you from others.

2. Matchmaking of existing qualities with the target qualities.

3. Make yourself visible.

As we enter into Core 2, I am looking forward to the courses in identifying business opportunities (strategy) and understanding the business environment. And in between written assignments, I am again preparing myself for the harassment by the next Finance exam.

PS. Today’s dilbert in my mailbox!


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