‘Commoditization’ of an MBA

Planning for a higher education in Business Administration? Thinking of an MBA from a leading B-School? I hope that you know what you are getting yourself into! MBA has become one of the most used term (& most abused at the same time) in the education industry. Thus it becomes very important that prospective students do in-depth research and choose the B-school as per their fit. Experience the environment first-hand. We’ve seen two such applicants sit in our class to get the experience of proceedings, pedagogy and what the school has to offer.  I believe these sample classes are very good opportunities to get a feel of the school environment and should be exercised while making the decision.

If you have already zeroed upon a B-School in a Non-English speaking country, I imagine that you have made all the arguments for your decision. IMO, if one is thinking of doing an MBA, his/her goal in life is to be more close to the customer so that more value can be delivered (through any product/service). It is very important to identify the post-MBA market and have a view of that as well. Then it follows logically, that it will be important for you to speak customer’s language (literally). At least one should be good in humor in the language that customer speaks.  So, with this perspective, HSG is offering German classes for MBA students [going on 3 days  a week, 0800 – 0920). Another feat of St. Gallen MBA – Focusing on the market and bridging the gap 🙂

Just an update on the proceedings: Got 2 more guest speakers giving the perspective of entering a market from Corporate and Government perspectives. One of the speakers was VP at HP-Computers division and the other was from the Canton office of Economy. Banking Days are coming up (from 10 – 21 oct) and all the slots are full. Real opportunity for the people with financial backgrounds and banking as a post-MBA career. We also have been assigned group case study project for Marketing sessions. Time to squeeze every drop of creativity from group members!


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