Hello World!

Hello Readers!

To begin with, today I narrowly missed getting into 2 B schools of my choice. It really hurts when you get dings after all the interviews. As I prepare to move on, I thought of sharing my journey with everyone else. There might be thoughts that you might want to leverage in your tale as well.

So after the debacle at both the schools (and choosing between other 3 schools), I will start my MBA journey at University of St. Gallen (HSG MBA) this September. I have got the admit, deposit the initial amount and am looking forward to the experience.

Just to tell you about me, am a stereotypical male from India with some experience in IT industry (a decade in-fact). Cleared my GMAT earlier this year, scored 94 percentile and embarked on the voyage. Apart from this monotonous side, I have interesting side as well. In my professional sphere, I have worked in various aspects of IT with different interesting and capable people. I have also setup my own portal which aimed at consolidation of retail (mom-n-pop stores). Other than that I have done 6 Flags roller coasters in US, have made soba noodles from very beginning in a village 100 miles off Tokyo, have trekked at Mt. Fuji and have enjoyed coffee and day dreaming alongside the canals of Amsterdam.

This blog will be an informative to the totally new world I am about to set in. Even if a single person is benefited from my experiences, I would consider the blog has done its purpose. 


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