do kadam aur sahi…

🙂 Oh Dear Calvin! I definitely would like to continue with my dad, but there sure are things which I would like to change. And I’m sure everyone must have some kind of ‘things-to-change’ list always ready with them. Btw, killing a bug is not a change!

Who wants to change the things they’re comfortable with? Who ever said ‘Get out of the comfort zone’ must have been sitting in the AC for too long. If you could have named yourself, what would it have been? 🙂

But then we miss out the shots we don’t take (I try hard to make myself understand this, but as am a hopeless procastinator, by the time I make my mind to catch up with life, it’s time for a new change). When I was 10, I missed the shot because I could not CHANGE the darts. So you see dear people; in this fast moving world, the idea is to embrace the change we value, rather than playing catching up with every thing! I would try to follow this in every walk of life 🙂

You tell me how should we know it’s time to change?
[1.] change before everyone changes; [2.] try to follow the leader; [3.] when your t-shirt starts stinking; [4.] What the heck, life is going fine;


Remember Sonu Nigam’s ‘do kadam aur sahi’?
zindagi haath mila…saath chal, saath mein aa;
umr bhar saath rahee
do kadam aur sahi…
koi suraj ki dagar, koi sone ka nagar;
chaand ke rath pe chale, jahaan thehre yeh nazar;
dhup dariyaaon mein hai, phir safar paaon mein hai, dil ka aawara diya, doosre gaaon mein hai
aao chale hum wahi
do kadam aur sahi…do kadam aur sahi…do kadam aur sahi…

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