Don’t get mad, Get even

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We all love heroes – irrespective of culture, caste, nationality. Am not different from others and I too am touched by the heroic deeds of the others. For me, KNOWN-ONE is the source of booster doses. I got one more – “Don’t get mad, get even”. This made me think –

  • At least God gives you something (though I now do accept that His ways are different), and
  • How to develop the ‘Never say die’ and ‘fighting’ attitude?

I’m not worried about the hard work I’ve to put to achieve the targets. The problem with me is that I let go off the things so easily that I sometimes feel helpless. And as put by Russell Crowe, I feel terrified, petrified, mortified, stupified by life. But now I want to change this. I want to getup and start all over again if I hit the bottom.

To begin with, for every problem, solutions will be figured out; decisions will be taken INTIME; and no repenting upon them. And then fight will be given in all the things – from Table Tennis matches to the discussions in the boardroom; from Kabaddi to wooing a girl.

Hence onwards, a transformation will be brought about. Life is the function of you and your actions. I’ll give fight, no matter what. Who knows, someone might be watching me!

PS: Remmber the Titans (2000) – Denzel Washington, Will Patton
I can watch this movie any number of times.

Q: What is the goal in life? Does planning for the goals help? (I’m only talking about long term ones).

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