Please pray for me

Committed one of the biggest mistakes of my life on 10th Apr! The tensions and strains of one part of my life erupted at someplace else. I wish I could have more control over outburst of emotions and have more luck at my side (maybe everyone thinks that way). I wish I could think before any action I take. I would go to any length to sort it out but then every one has a truck loads of wishes. Whose will come true?

This is not a stressed out soul talking. It’s the life missing something which others won’t even notice. And then I question myself “am I among the few who crib for it or is there anyway to make life better without having it?”.

But some times life hurts; and it hurts badly. This one touched my life as well; I’ve done some irrepairable damage. I wouldn’t have done that in my dreams. I don’t want to loose those goneby moments; they are so few in my life; only during breaks or sometime during chat sessions.
Such is the immaturity level that I still dream of a fairy coming and taking me into the woods.

Things have gone from bad to worse since the last post. They say prayers have great power. Please pray for me that everything goes back to what I left as on first week of April.


One thought on “Please pray for me

  1. Anonymous April 16, 2007 at 11:30 AM Reply

    There deifnitly seems to be a link between your world of imagination and reality….it can’t all be fiction for sure….!!!

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