Software to Rags to Riches

Am in Aquarian & Piscean cusp and a dreamer! (Nice statement to start with)
Am not sure but as per Linda Goodman, Pisceans like to dream – from ‘heading the nations’ to ‘roaming in Beemers’ to ‘Saving chics (read abala naris) from villans’ – they really like to dream. Though I don’t dream to that extent but at least Linda put it that way – Pisces are dreamers and have a lovely [:-)] imagination!

Piscean (P): Bass! Project is NOT possible in 6 person-months.
Boss (B): I know P, you can do it. I’ll help you but we’ve to complete this in 6 months. I’m with you.
Boss to Unit Head: Bass! P thinks project is doable within 6 months and is an exciting opportunity for him and his team.
UH: Good… Good…

6 months later…Project need another 4 person-months
P: Bass! I told you it’s not possible.
B to UH: Bass! P was not able to keep the deadlines. He should be fired.
UH: Good… Good…

P is fired. He’s not able to find any job (no demand for Project Leaders) and is forced to take on to cab-driving. One day, after the gruelling night shift, P sees a Merc alongside the road with driver busy replacing a flat tire.

P: Need help?
Driver (D): Memsaab ko office ke liye late ho raha hai.
P: Ma’am! Want me to take you to the office?
Ma’am (M): Thinks (P angrezi bol raha hai). OK
As it turns out, M is a CxO in a self startup
P: Ma’am! What are you reading?
M: Not able to solve this piece of code.
P: Ma’am! Can I’ve a look?
M: Thinks (Cabbie kya dekhega? Anyways de deti hoon)
P handsover 5 pages of code…
P: Ma’am! Is this a Web Service in a Service Oriented Architecture interface? Line # 45 has bug – Ismein to inner for loop break nahin kiya?

Ma’am checks out, impressed…
M: Would you like to work for me?
P: I would love to. Partners?
M: Done. Join from tomorrow.
P: am grateful Ma’am.

After 6 months…
M: P! You’ll look after these 3 verticals – Retail, Aeronautics, Automobile!
P: Gladly… Thank you ma’am… You recognized my potential.
M: Don’t call me Ma’am, call me Sheila!

Roomie(R): Abey uth ja!
P: Was I dreaming?
R: Did you manage to estimate the effort for the portal for auctioning refurbished hankies and socks?
P: Oh S***… Bass is going to fire me today!


PS: I do realize that my thoughts are not making heads and tails! But that’s what Pisceans do at 3’o clock in the morning!


One thought on “Software to Rags to Riches

  1. Aditya March 13, 2007 at 3:51 PM Reply

    That was really cool…I laughed out like anythingI strongly believe that you can become a dream delivery professional 😉

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